TES3000 – Digital rolling controller

KRAIS Tube Expanders digital Tube Expanding System features a range of powerful and efficient servo motors. Variable Speed and Torque repetability +/- 1% are a few of the advantages of this system. Created for the demanding customer, this system ensures uniform tube expansion over a wide range of tube diameters and materials, greater efficiency and accuracy combined with ease of use make this system simple, affordable and extremely fast.

Basic parameters:
TES 3000: 400V 50/60Hz
For tubes: 1⁄2” – 1 1⁄2”
Control unit weight: 14 kg
Footswitch weight: 5 kg
Dimensions: 800 x 200 x 900 mm

KRAIS Tube Expanders

Main TES features

  • Purely digital and modular system.
  • High tech servo drive and motor assure accuracy, high quality and repeatability of the results and efficient work.
  • Extremely easy and user friendly interface on 7” touch screen.
  • Supported languages: English, Korean, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish.
  • USB Flash Drive available to dump expanding log files (48 MB of internal storage space for the log files)
  • Easy software upgrade with USB flash memory
  • CE compliant. In full accordance with RoHS compliance.
  • Motor equipped with EnDat encoder.

User friendly, extremely easy to setup interface base on 7” TFT display featured by high reliable industrial analog resistive touch panel; high touch accuracy. With high hardness and long lifetime.

Comfortable and save cable connectors and rotection IP56.

Reliable, brushless, maintenance free servo motors supplied by an OEM within the automation industry, are ideally suited to tube expanding when combined with our custom gear packages. Servo drive is controlled by 32-bit RISC processor. Equipped EnDat encoder and thermistor motor protection.

KRAIS Tube Expanders

TES units are equipped with top quality connectors.

KRAIS Tube Expanders

Special designed body shape for convenient of operator.

KRAIS Tube Expanders

USB host for easy software upgrade to latest version.

USB Host: USB 2.0 – software updates, dump the log files

CE: Complies with EN 55022:2006, Class A, EN 61000-3-2:2006, EN 61000-3-3:1995 + A1:2001 + A2:2005 standards

UL: E248297

Protection Structure: IP65 front panel

Storage Temperature: -20°~60°C (-4°~140°F)

Operating Temperature: 0°~50°C (32°~122°F)

Operation Humidity: 10-90% RH (non-condense)

Color: 65536

Resolution (W x H): 800 x 480

Back Light: LED

Processor: Cortex A8 600MHz

Touch Panel Type: 4 wires resistive type

Storage: 128 MB Flash

RAM: 128 MB

Servo drive working scheme

KRAIS Tube Expanders

TES3000 Software

Central unit with user friendly interface and 7” touch screen allows to configure different motor types with their predefined min/ max values and to set up required expanding parameters.

Torque Wizard helps to calculate torque settings based on: %wl reduct, Feed Angle, Mandrel taper, Tube Diameter, Tube Yield (Ultimate tensile strength), Wall Thickness (Gauge, Expansion Length)

3 operating modes available: MANUAL: Single expansion, SEMIAUTO: Single expansion with autorevers, AUTO: Expansion with autorevers in endless loop until operator stops

Configurable expanding timers: reverse rolling time, time between expanding cycles (to move expander from one to another tube), time to expand with maximum rpm in the initial expanding phase

Other features: Expandings counter, Color status lamps, Metric and imperial units available, Translated to many languages.

Motors for TES3000

We offer a full range of motors, you can choose a proper one that fits your needs. Each motor is equipped with one of 5 of the gear boxes. Each with protection level IP56.

Model Phase Voltage Weight Max RPM Torque range with TES-3000
Nm Ft.lb
min max min max
S3000 1/230V 5,0 kg 3000 0,2 2,5 0,10 1,80
S6000 5,0 kg 6000 0,2 2,5 0,10 1,80
S5 5,0 kg 1662 0,4 8,6 0,20 6,30
S4 5,0 kg 1500 0,5 9,5 0,30 7,00
S3 5,0 kg 1091 0,6 13,0 0,40 9,50
S2 5,0 kg 800 0,9 18,0 0,60 13,20
S1 5,0 kg 600 1,2 24,0 0,80 17,70
B5 8,0 kg 1453 1,8 27,0 1,30 19,90
B4 8,0 kg 1000 2,6 39,0 1,90 28,70
B3 8,0 kg 736 3,5 53,0 2,50 39,00
B2 8,0 kg 400 6,5 92,5 4,70 68,20
B1 8,0 kg 300 9,0 123,0 6,60 90,70
G1450 3/400V 9,0 kg 1450 2,3 70 1,6 51,6
G1000 3/400V 9,0 kg 1000 3,4 102 2,5 75,2
G400 3/400V 9,5 kg 400 7,5 240 5,5 177
KRAIS Tube Expanders

S1-S5 Servo Motors

KRAIS Tube Expanders

B1-B5 Servo Motors

KRAIS Tube Expanders

S1-S5 Servo Motors on FLEXHolder

KRAIS Tube Expanders

B1-B5 Servo Motors on FLEXHolder