Vacuum Leak Tester KVLD-3000

KRAIS Tube Expanders

KRAIS Tube Expanders

Key Features

The vacuum leak tester KVLD-3000 is a simple, precise method of testing tubes in boilers, condensers, an d heat exchangers. It is the fastest, most accurate means of locating leaky tubes for plugging or replacement.
Powered by compressed air the vacuum leak detector pulls a vacuum in a tube to a desired reading on a gauge. A steady reading on the gauge would indicate that the tube doesn’t leak. If the reading on the gauge drops you have pinpointed the leaking tube.

  • Only one tool necessary for testing multiple tube sizes.
  • Built-in easy to read vacuum gauge.
  • Muffled exhaust for quiet operation.
  • Lightweight, easy to use.


1. Seal far end of tube to be tested with “t” handle type tube plug or optional snap type tube plug.
2. Place nozzle of tester into near end of tube.
3. Squeeze trigger of test unit until gauge reaches desired reading.
4. Release trigger and observe gauge.
5. A steady reading on gauge indicates no leaks.
6. Move to next tube and repeat.


  • Cover wide range of tubes with one unit (tube sizes: 1/4” (6,3) to 3” (76,2 mm)).
  • Requires 90 PSI (6,2 bar) compressed air.
  • Air consumption: 26 C.F.M. (720 l/min).
  • Carrying case measures: 16” x 12” x 4” (410 x 300 x 85 mm).
  • Tool weight: 4,4 lbs (1,2 kg).
  • Approximate shipping weight: 6,6 lbs (3,0 kg).
KRAIS Tube Expanders
KRAIS Tube Expanders


K-1002 1/4” (6,3 mm) - 3/4” (19 mm)
K-1003 5/8” (15,9 mm) - 1 1/4” (31,7 mm)
K-1004 1 1/8” (28,6 mm)- 2” (50,8 mm)
K-1005 1 7/8” (47,6 mm) - 3” (76,2 mm)