KRAIS Selector – Expanders search tool

KRAIS Expanders Selector, tool designed to simplify the selection process for tube expanders!

Unique tube expanders search and selection tool

Welcome to the KRAIS Expanders Selector, your premier tool designed to simplify the selection process for tube expanders.

Whether you’re working on condensers or boilers, Selector guides you through selection process, ensuring you find the perfect tool for your work.

Tool is available as Progressive Web Application (PWA) so you can install it on computer or mobile!

KRAIS Selector

The KRAIS Expander Selector is designed to assist in selecting the appropriate expander; however, we assume no responsibility for incorrect tool selection. Tube expansion should be performed by specialists with the requisite expertise.

Easy define your parameters

Quickly input your tube dimensions, wall thickness, and sheet parameters. Our tool streamlines your workflow, ensuring precision in every step. Selecting the right tube expander has never been easier!

Pre-filtered for worktype

Choose from a tailored list of work types – condensers or boilers, with specific expansion options. Our prefiltered selection guarantees a focused search, saving you time and enhancing efficiency.

Detailed results of any search

Every search yields comprehensive results: get detailed expander recommendations, including size and type, tailored to your project’s exact needs. Accuracy and detail, at your fingertips.