K70 Series Clamshell Drives

The K70 series pneumatic drive motors are perfect for all your clamshell needs.

The K70 series pneumatic drive motors have undergone more than 20 years of rigorous field testing, guaranteeing quality and maximum tool life.

The KRAIS K70 series motors and associated spare parts have been designed to be compatible with Cleco 75 series Nutrunners. This allows convenient parts interchangeability of existing motors used by E.H. Wachs, D.L. Ricci / Hydratight, H&S and other popular clamshell manufacturers.

Both, right-angle and inline versions are available.

Flexible config

KRAIS 70 Series Drives are available in both right angle and inline configurations. Electric and Hydraulic options are also available. Please consult factory.

Mounting flange

Our mounting flange is manufactured to align with popular E.H.Wachs or D.L.Ricci/Hydratight machines. Custom mounting flanges can be manufactured upon request.

Flange dimentions

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