Tool and machines rental

Purchasing tools or machines for disposable work is not always financially justified. In such situations, call and ask about the availability of renting the necessary tool.

Rental advantages at KRAIS

Competitive pricing​

For one-time quick repairs or installations, renting a machine is a huge cost-saving solution.

A lot of available machines

We ensure the highest possible availability of machinery and tools – this is guaranteed by our own production.

Perfect support

We provide the best support for selecting and operating equipment – we built it!

Frequently rented machines

Our rental offer contains a huge part of our products range , these ones are most popular!
Flange Facer
Flange facing machine, up to 30″
Flange facer for flange machining, up to 30"
Pipeline and pipe bevelers
Split Frame, Clamshell Beveling Machines
Split Frame, Clamshell Beveling Machines
Pneumatic rolling motors
K70 Series
Right Angle Rolling Motor
Right Angle Rolling Motor
Electric rolling motors
SwiftRoll X1
Robot System for Rolling and Beveling
Automatic Rolling&Machining Robot

Rental FAQ

Please read the information below carefully. Tool rental obliges!


Due to the nature of the work and the often complicated tool selection process, it can be difficult to find a good tool without preliminary consultations. Before choosing a machine and accessories (e.g., knives), the parameters of the planned processing should be analyzed and carefully planned. On this basis, the right set is selected. If you are not 100% sure what machine will be best for you, send us drawings that clearly illustrate the work to be done. After the analysis, we will suggest appropriate KRAIS tools.


The cost and insurance of the transport of the rented set are always covered by the borrower, who specifies how the shipment is to be carried out. We do not ship tools without insurance. Collection of tools by the borrower’s own transport is possible after the exact date of the collection has been agreed upon. The return of rental machines is subject to the same conditions.

Rental fee

Rental prices for individual machines vary. They depend on the type of machine and its configuration. Specific prices are always given after making a reservation for the selected set. Before this, we only provide an estimate of the price per day for the type of tool.

Rental time

The rental time for which the fee will be charged is counted in full days from the date of receipt of the machine by the customer until the receipt of the tool in our warehouse. Full calendar days are counted, including transport time, as well as Sundays and holidays.

Use and handling

We do not check the ability to operate the rented machine. The client assumes responsibility for all events that may occur during work. We do not train in machine operation!

Faults and liability

Each machine is checked and photographed before shipment. We guarantee the shipment of functional devices. The cost of repairing the damage that occurred during the rental of the machine is borne by the user. In particular, we charge the costs of repairs that are the result of misuse or incorrect selection of the tool! The burning of the electric motor is not subject to a warranty repair.

Important note

All KRAIS machines have high torque and are extremely powerful. Improperly mounting the machine in the pipe can cause a large jerk of the machine when the cutter comes into contact with the workpiece. The consequence may be severe damage to the transfer mechanism. The user (tenant) is solely responsible for such damage.

Machines availability

We are one of the world’s leaders in the production of pipe tools. Our offer includes the best machines available on the market. Our stock allows us to say that everything is available, but we strongly ask you to consult the rental dates in advance. We do not guarantee the availability of machines in urgent mode.

Machines configuration

Standard machines, in basic configurations, are available without special preparation. They are sent as soon as the date and method of delivery are agreed upon, but we prepare individual device configurations for special tasks. The preparation time depends on the required rework and modifications. After analyzing them, we determine the date of receipt of the tool. The preparation of special versions of tools is priced depending on their complexity.