Fastest and most accurate automation system for tube machining and rolling

Swiftroll - a robot designed and highly acclaimed by pipe industry professionals!

Signature tube and pipe tools and machines

Our offer contains more than 150 tools, these ones are bestsellers!
Pipeline and pipe bevelers
Split Frame, Clamshell Beveling Machines
Split Frame, Clamshell Beveling Machines
Flange Facer
Flange facing machine, up to 30″
Flange facer for flange machining, up to 30"
Pneumatic rolling motors
K70 Series
Right Angle Rolling Motor
Right Angle Rolling Motor
Electric rolling motors
SwiftRoll X1
Robot System for Rolling and Beveling
Automatic Rolling&Machining Robot

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Tube expanders, digital rolling motors

We deliver everything for tube expanding: tube expanders for condensers, heat exchangers and chillers, firetube and watertube boilers. Also rolling motors and advanced digital rolling systems.

Fast, solid tube facing and beveling machines

The full range of KRAIS bevelers includes machines locked inside and outside of tubes. Every beveling machine delivers maximum power and performance for the fast machining of tube ends and weld preps.

Tube installation tools

Tools for installation of tubes: choose a portable, selfcentering tool for grooving holes in tube sheets, or look at Tube End Facer for tube trimming in heat exchangers, condensers, and chillers.

Solid and robust pipe beveling machines

For the largest pipes, we offer inside-mounted pipe beveling machines and clamshell-type pipe bevelers. SFSF series clamshells can be equipped with various accessories to increase performance and expand capabilities.

Special FinFan maintenance tools

To enhance and optimize the performance of FinFans, we deliver a comprehensive portfolio of finfan maintenance tools for machining and renovation services.

Flange facers for perfect flange machining

Flange facers are primary machines used in widely understood flange machining. Used for the assembly of new pipe connections and the renovation and repair of flanges in old installations

Fast removal tools: tube cutters and tube pullers

Wide range of strongest tube removal tools – from simple tube cutters and tube pullers to advanced semiautomatic systems. Fast machines for remove tubes efficiently!

Accessories and special tube tools

We offer special tube tools which don’t fit only one specific application. Look here for unique solutions or simple accessories!

Quality first! We are independent.

There are reasons why KRAIS equipment is valued around the world

in-house production

For almost 99% of parts of our machines and tools, we run self-production! If we order – we control!

State of the art machinery

This is what we do: we invest in quality! Our factory is one of the most modern in the industry!

In-house storage of all parts

Our warehouse is filled with ready-to-deliver parts for all our products. Despite market fluctuation!

New or modified tools

Continous improvement! We develop new tools, and we make better the older ones!
Flange Facer


Flange facing machine, up to 30"

Internally mounted, lightweight, super rigid yet super heavyduty machine tool. Ideal for machining all types of flange faces.


145 –
762 mm

Tool can be rent (EU only)

Flange facer for flange machining, up to 30"
Tube pullers


Tube Puller, Gripper-Type

Gripper-type fast and easy to use tube puller. Designed for pulling tubes from the heat exchangers and also fire tube boilers.


31.75 –
63.5 mm

Tool can be rent (EU only)

Flange Facer


Narrow body, flange facing machine

Machine with super slim line gantry profile. Perfect for mounting in tight spaces, such as flanges close to walls or pipe racks.


0 –
310 mm

Tool can be rent (EU only)

We produce the best tools for tubes and pipes for 40 years!

We produced our first tube expanders in 1985, and since then we have steadily expanded our product range, improved our products and built our position as a world leader in the production of pipe tools.

Production line of tube and pipe tools

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